Lisbon Half-day Private Tour – What is it

Lisbon is an ancient city on the Western Coast of Europe. A city of charmful alleys, breathtaking viewpoints, historic symbols and monumental traditions. Whether you’re coming for a weekend or a full-week holidays, visiting Lisbon will provide you unforgettable experiences, enjoyable moments and a few pounds extra (never heard about Portuguese Mediterranean Cuisine?)


However, taking the most of your short passage in Lisbon is not easy with so much to see, so much to know and discover and finding the local spots is not as easy as it might seem at your first glance.
From the moment you arrive in Lisbon the first thing you’ll notice (after the warm atmosphere) will be the smiles and welcoming gestures of the Portuguese people. With our services, one of these people waiting for you will be our kind driver ready to take you to your cozy river-view hotel.
Let’s discover the main geographic areas of Lisbon:
Map of Lisbon indicating the most relevant areas
Most hotels are located either at Marquês de Pombal, Avenida da Liberdade or Baixa. However you’ll find many options for your stay all over the city and even in the newest urban area of Parque das Nações.
Let us show you what we suggest for your one-day tour around Lisbon. Tour-Line offers full and half-day tours for 4h or 8h around the city. In this article we’re presenting you the main features of our half-day tour.
To start this memorable experience we’ll take you to the top-view of Edward VII Park. From here you’ll have a full-view of the city and we’ll be able to explain you some of the history that founded Lisbon. From this panoramic spot you’ll take a glance at the beautiful gardens, the monumental statue of Marquês de Pombal (already curious about who this great historic character was?), Avenida da Liberdade (the fancy, romantic 4 lane avenue replenished with fancy hotels and charmful stores), some of the most unique downtown buildings and, down the horizon Tagus River. Take a few minutes for a deep breath and some pictures.
View from the top of Edward VII Park
As there’s so much to see we’ll hop on and go down the Avenue to discover the history of the XVIII century downtown. We’ll pass through Rossio, the National Theatre and straight to the left hill of Alfama (did you know Fado was born here). The first stop is at the Lisbon’s Cathedral also known as Sé de Lisboa. The Sé was the first building ever built by the Portuguese on this territory and dates back to the XII century. This building was actually raised on top of an old Moorish mosque. You might also be surprised to discover that you can actually find remains of roman edifications inside this Cathedral.
Sé de Lisboa
The driver won’t be able to go with you inside the Cathedral. However he’ll wait for you just at the entrance ready to leave when you like.
Then, the tour continues up one of the best viewpoints of Lisbon. It’s a wonderful unique view from a historic place. As it’s such a great place we won’t unveil it here, you’ll have to come with us (we assure you’ll be breath taken with such beauty).
Let’s now discover the S. Jorge Castle, the conquered monument and one of the first medieval symbols of the city. Anciently it was used as a military defense to the city (which was inside the walls) yet nowadays you’ll find exhibitions, festivals and many other activities held inside!
Following the castle the tour heads up to the hill of Bairro Alto and Chiado (did you know that Lisbon is known by the city of the seven hills?). This is the artists’ district with many famous spots as the Brasileira Café where one of Portugal’s greatest writer, Fernando Pessoa, used to spend some hours every day.
S. Pedro de Alcântara Viewpoint
Lets continue to the area of Belém with its monumental buildings and tasty pastries. The driver will take you to the entrance of the Hieronymus Monastery the highest example of Manueline Architectonic Style. You may visit the chapel and the interior of the monastery where you’ll find, among others, the thumbs of Vasco da Gama (the great captain that found the maritime way to India), Luís Vaz de Camões (the apotheotic poet) and Fernando Pessoa.
Finally we’ll take you to see the iconic Tower of Belém, also integrating with Manueline elements, one of the first defensive towers of the Lisbon Porto which also served as prison and the Discoveries Pattern.
Tower of Belém
We wouldn’t end this great half-day tour without taking you to the worldwide famous tarts of Belém, known as “Pastéis de Belém”. A treasure of the local gastronomy which will make you eager for as much as you can eat.
If you would like to discover more about Lisbon as well as other destinations in Portugal don’t miss the chance to contact us anytime. It will be a pleasure to guide you through the beauty of Portugal.

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