Luxury Travel and Money Saving Experiences

How can luxury travel help you save money?

How many times have you heard that traveling is all about experiencing? It doesn’t really matter whether you’re in the most posh restaurant in town or at the most popular burguer stand, it’s actually all about challenging you’re five senses in a different way, challenging your knowledge, entering a new world of cultures, flavors, smell… It’s all about having fun, touching new elements, be startled by different perspectives and viewpoints.

When planning our holidays abroad we tend to position ourselves within our expectations. Imagine you’re going for a weekend city escape with your closer relative. What do you expect? Cheap, intensive sightseeing? Romantic moments in different locations? Adventure? Thrill? Relaxation? Concerning our goals we tend to believe there are limited options to fulfill them within a narrow budget constraint. If you’re aiming high you’ll let your luxury hotel define your experience through a memorable path. If you’re going local you’ll perceive on-line best ratings considering price-value and you’ll preferably chose them, right?

Why planning is saving when it comes to your holidays

Nowadays, planning is part of the saving process. No matter how low you travel, if you book it last-minute it will be most certain that you’ll pay all those extra fares you wouldn’t like to. There’s actually more to gain from advance booking than last-minute surprises will provide you.

Luxury travel is more than just luxury paying

What if, for the same budget you could get much more? What if you knew you could go anywhere and actually have a business class car and a caring driver waiting for you to take you to the most famous five-star hotel in town waiting to pamper you with caviar, bonbons and all you could actually dream of?
After picking your destination a rule of thumb will tell you to start booking everything from 10 to 14 days before the trip. However when it comes to high-end traveling experts recommend you to fit at least 40 days before departure.
Here are some tips for traveling luxury and saving as a low-cost:
1)    Always benchmark. Do not stick at all to your first quote. Ask for complementary services quotes and compare among, at least, 2 or 3 market players. Also, provide information to each other about your other quotes, however never make up too cheap values, remember competitors study each other and they’ll never try to equal values which competitor’s won’t keep up.
2)    Understand the value of every complementarity included: Sometimes it’s not just about the core service. It’s about the bottle available for free inside the car, the smiling guide, the local-expertise offered, the care for your personal needs, the just-in-time or early arrival. Try to understand the core values of the agent which is providing you the service and for this personal contact is much more recommendable than taking you first-given option (usually from the hotel).
3)    Expect the best, reclaim the best, enjoy the best: If for your personal guided tours you decide to hire a private, luxury vehicle don’t expect you’ll be treated as regular tourists. Enjoy every single detail that luxury travelling provides you as considering the overall experience will consider at least extra 45% value added than a regular experience could provide you, without costing 45% more!
4)    Try to understand partnerships and take the most of them: Sometimes hotels have many agreements with local agents such as guides, tourism drivers, taxi services, restaurants and much more. Usually these partnerships consider commissionable values among them. Try to understand what you’re being recommended (which will probably be the best) while understanding how much you’re being charged for the recommendation service. Maybe you’ll even be able to negotiate this fee and save some money.
Remember that every moment of you’re life is worthy of being lived at the best way possible. Don’t be afraid to aim for better! After all, we all deserve it!